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Gracie, Libby and Zoey,
Princess Grace, Libby and Zoey want everyone to know how much they love and appreciate the loving care, walks and attention Kathy gives them when she has to be the mom at our house, not to mention she knows the importance of the TREAT jar!!!! Very important information.!!! Kathy knows these are my babies and takes wonderful care of them in my absence and was the one to share about the Thunder shirt so Gracie can now tolerate storms!! We love our Kathy!   ~ Carolyn


Jackson, Bridget, Chance, Zoe
“Kathy Jarrell (Southern Paws) is wonderful. Our dogs love her and she spends a lot of time playing and hanging out with them when she pet sits. She is not an 'in and out' sitter. We absolutely trust her with our most precious assets our home and our dogs!”   ~ Mike and Gloria

Alex & Jackson
"Kathy has become our trusted caregiver for our two German Shepards. She handles them with expertise and does not let them misbehave (they like to with people they can intimidate). They are always happy and content when we return home. She has made traveling much easier for our family."   ~ Connie

"Southern Paws has been a reliable resource for us for several years now. Kathy takes care of Bear-our German Shepherd, like he was her own. She is detail oriented, compassionate, and an obvious pet lover. I highly recommend her services."  ~ Cindy

"There are just a few companies that do what they say, and Southern Paws is one of those! Kathy Jarrell is the owner, and when she says she will do or be there at a certain time, that is what she does! Your pets could not be in better hands as she treats all animals just as she does her own. It is all the little extras that make her company the best. A very satisfied customer."   ~ Virginia, Jim and Charlene

"I can not tell you how much you have helped me out taking care of Suzy. Every time I needed you, even at the last minute you were always there for me. You are such a caring person and Suzy loves you. I know she is in good hands when I am away. It's nice to know I have someone I can count on and I am so glad I found Southern Paws. Thanks for all you do!"

~ Juanita

Bella & Mason
"Kathy and her services have literally been a God send. When I met her I immediately knew she was an animal lover to the core. I have 2 pugs who are my life, and I know they are in the best possible hands when I'm gone. I travel frequently for my job, and I feel so at ease every time I'm away. I know that she cares and loves for them like I would. She sends me pictures and an update each day so I can stay connected to them. And the pups just love her!!"   ~ Michelle

Locke & Purley
"Kathy at Southern Paws was BEYOND my expectations! It was so nice to finally be able to go out of town without any worries that my babies were being taken care. I used to have to take them with me because I wouldn't kennel them. A+++ service and I would recommend her services to anyone. You can't put a price on peace of mind."   ~ Christina

"I really didn't expect Molly, my 12 y/o Toy Spaniel to be alive when I came back from a trip. She has a heart condition, and was declining rapidly. But, I was not ready to have her put to sleep. I thought she would be most comfortable in her own home, so I hired Kathy with Southern Paws. Kathy kept me posted on Molly with texting and pictures. She made sure Molly took her medicine. When I came back, it was like she had never even been sick. Molly doesn't like ANYBODY. But she did warm up quickly to Kathy. I don't know what she did while I was gone, but my Dog seemed healed. I also felt good that while I was gone, Kathy got my mail and checked things out around my home. I would recommend Kathy and her wonderful Pet Sitting services to anyone. I am SO glad I found her."   ~ Sincerely, Robin & Molly

"We love Kathy and appreciate all she does for us and Cody. Even if it is short notice and we ask her to let him out she is ready and more than willing to take him for a walk and it is such a relief when we both work long hours. She is a lifesaver! Cody really appreciates his walks!"   ~ Chance and Megan

"What we love about Kathy at Southern Paws is the care she takes of our dog Ranger and not just dogs/cats she even feeds our fish and that when your away you have someone checking on your house throughout the day, changing up the lighting if needed and bringing in your mail so that your home remains normal as if you're home!"  ~ Dustin & Samantha 

Bella, Rowdy, Twinkie, Buddy and Merry
"We love having Kathy for our pet sitter. She truly loves our dogs and they love her, too. They are so happy to see her when she visits. We also appreciate the peace of mind we have when we travel. Kathy sends us text updates and photos of our dogs so we can see how happy they are. We know that she will take great care of them while we're gone. It's so wonderful to come home to happy, relaxed dogs. Finding Kathy has been such a blessing."   ~ Brian & Karen

"Kathy is awesome!! Having had Kathy's services several times, we know can leave Roxy for a week & not worry about her! Kathy is professional and consistent. It's wonderful to come home to a clean litter box and a happy cat. Thank you Kathy!!"   ~ The Larsen family

Prissy and Cuddles
"Knowing that Kathy @ Southern Paws is caring for my precious cats gives me peace of mind while I am away. She not only provides them with food, water and a clean litter box but also brushes them, plays with them and treats them as her own. Any pet is lucky to have Kathy as its alternative Mom."   ~ Wanda D.

Zoe, Lady, Babbs, Sophie, Sarah, Lulu, Fritz
"Oh my gosh, I'm not sure how to keep this short! I do not know what my husband and I would do without Kathy Jarrell (Southern Paws). We are a 7 dog household and our four legged kids are the center of our world! Our kids are now hitting senior age and they have a lot of needs. Kathy is extremely attentive, spends quality time at every visit, and is just so very loving and caring. With my husband on the road a lot, and I keep odd, busy hours, Kathy is always a phone call away. Even when I call last minute (literally), she is there for me and my hairy family. Sometimes we will have a foster dog in addition to the herd we already have, and when Kathy comes to the house, the dogs just love her right away. Knowing that we have Kathy, really puts our minds at ease. You CANNOT beat the care that Kathy, Southern Paws provides. Seriously, my husband and I do not know what we'd do without her! Trust and love are a serious virtue in animal care, and Kathy is the prime example of both!"   ~ Jessie

GGordon, Garrett, and Caffery
"Kathy is THE best petsitter everrrr! The love and caring she shows our cat children when we have to be away allows me to feel no guilt at leaving them!!"   ~ Robin

"I really am thankful for Southern Paws. My dogs name is Kelsey and she is a Rat Terrier. She is the sweetest baby girl! We love to vacation but Kelsey is a very nervous dog. She does not travel good. She panics when we take her to the vet. I learned long ago that she cannot be boarded. Its just not worth risking her health. So this is where Kathy and Southern Paws comes in to take that worry off of me. They have her profile sheet to know just how to take care of her. Thank you Kathy you are a blessing to me and to Kelsey!!!"   ~ Denise

"We have nothing but great things to say about Kathy! When we decided to have someone walk Nash, I met with Kathy and instantly had a great feeling about her. She has great systems in place to let you know how the walks go so that you are informed of any issues. She also sends us a picture of him playing to help us get through our day! I am a teacher so my schedule is constantly changing, and Kathy has been nothing short of a life saver for me, my fiancé and Nash. She is always on time and willing to work with us when we have other arrangements. I must say, I am a little jealous of Kathy because my dog adores her and is out of control with excitement when he sees her. That’s a sign in itself that he loves her just as much as she loves him. It is seldom that people are able to conduct themselves so professionally while maintaining such a strong personal relationship, but Kathy manages to do so with every pet, as well as every owner. It’s so comforting to know our precious baby is in great hands. I don’t know what we would do without her!" ~ Chris, Kate, and Nash

Bo, Calvin and Chipper
"Kathy has become a 2nd Mom to my cat and 2 dogs! They love being able to stay at home when we are gone, and I KNOW they are well cared for. I really like the added security of having someone at the house several times a day to turn on lights, bring in the mail, etc. We'll never go back to a traditional kennel for pet care!" ~ DS - Hendersonville

"Our dog lady is our precious family member. As both of our children live out of state, we have to have someone care for lady when we visit them. Kathy is the best person I can think of. She is loving, dependable, and goes way out of her way. Lady loves her and I have peace of mind knowing my baby is being taken care of. I strongly recommend her." ~ Gail

Baya and Early

"We have been using Southern Paws pet sitting service since we moved to the Hendersonville area 2 years ago. We have a 12 year old English bulldog and an 11 year old American Eskimo. My husband and I consider both our dog to be some what demanding with lots of additional care and attention needed while we are away. My first interaction with Kathy & Southern Paws was amazing! Kathy came to my assistance on a Christmas Eve when i was left with out dog care and travel plans in place to see family for Christmas, our family was in a crisis. With our new move to Hendersonville we did not have a pet sitter in the area. I called my friends asked for referrals and found Kathy & Southern Paws. Not only is Kathy a truly a compassionate care giver we consider her a part of our family. Kathy has always treated us kindly and given our dogs the most TLC and attention you could ask for. Kathy is extremely flexible and works with your schedule even if it is short notice or an urgent need. We consider Kathy a friend and she always lets us know what our dogs our doing when we are away. Kathy goes the extra mile to send you pictures while your away on vacation so you feel your babies at home are well taken care of. I simply can not say enough about the attention to detail and care Kathy gives our little dogs. I would not hesitate to call and meet Kathy and let Southern Paws take care of your family while you are away!"  ~ Garland & Shasta


Kathy has taken care of Buddy, our 10 1/2 year Old English sheepdog for over a year now. She is like a 2nd mother to him. We never worry when Kathy is taking care of Buddy. He has some hip problems and she makes sure that he gets his medicine and walks in each day. She treats him as if he is her own dog. Kathy sends daily text messages so that we know he is doing OK. We really appreciate the care and love she gives to Buddy!

You can tell Kathy genuinely LOVES taking care of animals! Our dog, Bailey, adores the attention, love and care she gets when Kathy watches her!  ~The Schmitz Family– H’ville

Opie, Aunt B
I believe Kathy is our Local Dog Whisperer! My dogs were drawn to her at our first meeting! She has gotten my English Bulldogs to do things I had been working on for EVER!! They absolutely LOVE her!!  I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of my babies!  ~Stevens family-Hville


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